About Donni Wiggins
Donni Wiggins is an entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA (originally New Orleans, LA) who dropped out of college and dove head first into trying her hand in multiple industries and multiple businesses. If it is legal, chances are she tried it and more often than not, achieved success at her ideas.  

Donni quickly discovered that she not only had a gift, but also a success record with helping people who were struggling to develop their own business ideas and turn them into profitable, full time businesses. What started out for Donni as a hobby 10 years ago has now evolved into her own wildly profitable coaching practice. 

Donni Wiggins is a Digital Business Development Consultant who helps people create and execute on their ideas to transition from employment to full time entrepreneurship. She has personally coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and has consistently been able to help them increase their revenues up to multiple 6 figures. She has also consulted for multiple 7 and 8 figure companies, consistently increasing revenues through digital sales and marketing.